How we contribute to a kinder internet.

The internet is bad for the environment.

So, the internet uses a hell of a lot of energy.

In the last 6 years, the size of the average web page has grown by almost 50%. This includes Images, Text, JavaScript and other file types needed to deliver an experience.

The demand for digital services is rapidly increasing, with global internet users and traffic more than doubling and expanding 25-fold, respectively, since 2010. The infrastructure needed to support the internet is massive and often doesn't use renewable energy.

Annually, the online industry has a larger carbon footprint than many countries. 

The Web and App dev industry is not taking advantage of basic tooling and workflows that make experiences inclusive and performant.

We're asking users to download a lot of stuff

In the last 6 years, the median size of a web page has grown by almost 50% to almost 2.5MB. Basic development tasks such as image optimization and caching are being missed.


Data Centers don't always use renewable energy

Data Centres that compute data and host websites are a significant user of power globally. The industry itself consumes more power globally than many countries annually.


Site load times are still way too long

Despite the advances in technology and code, we're still asking users to wait, on average, 4.2 seconds to view our large experiences on mobile devices.


Benefits of Working With Us

Performance and User Experience

Sustainable coding is about writing optimized, purposeful code. This results in quicker load times, enhances user experience, broadens platform inclusivity, and often boosts search engine rankings.

Operating Cost Efficiency and the Long-Term Savings

Investing in a sustainable website and digital practices significantly cuts operational costs. Using energy-efficient products and code reduces energy consumption and expenses. Over time, these savings accumulate, making it a financially smart choice.

Increase of Brand Image and Customer Appeal

By adopting sustainable digital practices, you can enhance our brand image, appealing to a environmentally aware customer base. This move can increase customer loyalty and attract new clients who value sustainability and responsibility.

Innovation and Market Leadership

Prioritizing sustainability in your digital operations sets you up as pioneers in innovation and environmental stewardship. It's a move that really makes you stand out from the crowd. Let the competition try to keep up with you!

Employee Retention and Attraction

Corporate responsibility matters a lot to employees and potential hires. Embracing sustainable practices boosts morale and draws in top talent keen on aligning with a company that mirrors their values.

Improved Performance and User Experience

Sustainable web design is all about optimized, purposeful code. It brings you quicker load times, a better user experience, a more inclusive platform, and even the chance for higher search engine rankings.

Long-Term Resilience and Compliance

Adopting sustainable practices now gets us ready for future regulations and showcases our business as resilient. Staying ahead means we'll avoid disruptive changes later on.

Positive Public Relations and Marketing Opportunities

Shifting towards a sustainable digital presence is great PR and marketing material. Talking about your journey and commitment boosts your public image and opens up new, sustainability-focused marketing channels. Plus, it lets you market yourself as the responsible choice.

Others aren't building with empathy in mind

The 2023 WebAIM Million Report has found that across one million home pages tested, 49,991,225 distinct accessibility errors were detected—an average of 50.0 errors per page.

96.1% of all errors detected fall into these six categories; Addressing just these types of issues, which take seconds, would significantly improve accessibility across the web.

Providing an inclusive experience to all allows more opportunities for users to access content regardless of ability, device type, connection speed and location.


A better internet for all is possible if we want it. Let's do it together.

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