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Really Good Work

Be kind & make really good things.

Really Good Work is the digital development and design studio of Drew Minns. We focus on making good digital web and app products that will bring positive social change. We use good design and development to try and make the world a better place through impactful digital products.

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Having worked as a web and app developer and designer with Huge Inc, Loblaw Digital and Universal Music among others, Drew has produced work for Nike, Four Seasons, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Royal Bank of Canada, Mozilla, Shopify among others in his 20 year career.

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The goal is not to make all the money in the world, but to produce outstanding work while remaining happy and healthy. That’s why I take on a small group of clients at a time. This allows the proper time to ensure that I bring the best value to the clients and their users.

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Growing up, Drew straddled two realms: on one hand, he was a scrappy punk kid with a DIY mentality; on the other, he was an early adopter of the internet, and understood the opportunities these new technologies presented. Today, Drew is fortunate to be able to bring both these elements of his personality together through his work, always in new and innovative ways.

Working on projects with real impact and longevity has been an important focus of his personal practice. He strongly believes in the positivity of change and progress, and continuously challenge himself to improve not only his own work, but the industry at large, when and where he can. Part of this quest for improvement is realized in the adoption of new tools, new environments, and new ideas—and part of it comes down to simply accepting that he is an individual with privilege, who can use their platform to bolster others. We should all strive to be champions for kinder design.

Drew really gives a shit about:

  • Human-driven technical solutions made for everyday
  • Leadership built on kindness
  • Code x design x research
  • Using the right tools, not your favourite tools
  • Building client partnerships
  • Collaboration rooted in empathy (and intelligent solutions)
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