AZ Awards 2022

We delivered an immersive experience for a legendary publication that honours design.

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Our Approach

Harnessing the Power of SVGs and Greensock

Performance and Sustainability

Office Bureau's team shared their vision of exploring dimensions in the web experience we were building. Initially, we explored using ThreeJS as a 3D tool, but after careful consideration, we decided to take a more sustainable approach using SVGs and Greensock for managing interactions and animations.

By leveraging SVGs, we were able to create reusable templates that maintained the expected experience while also significantly reducing the site's footprint for users. This approach not only aligned with our commitment to digital sustainability but also contributed to faster loading times and an enhanced user experience.

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Streamlining Content Management with Existing Infrastructure

WordPress Integration with GraphQL

To efficiently manage the vast amount of content in the publication, we capitalized on an already existing WordPress instance. Utilizing GraphQL, we seamlessly pulled data from the WordPress backend to populate our NextJS pages. This integration not only provided a robust and familiar content management system but also allowed us to optimize the performance and flexibility of the website.

the result

The pride we feel from the work we've done on this website stems from the incredible projects showcased by the nominees. We are honored to have played a small yet significant part in celebrating creativity and beauty in our world. Together with the Office Bureau team, we have created a captivating web experience that immerses users in a dimension all its own.

At, we value sustainable digital solutions that minimize our impact on the environment without compromising on design or functionality. This project exemplifies our commitment to fostering collaboration, creativity, and sustainability in every aspect of our work.


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