I love the internet.

Drew Minns

Hello! I'm an experienced digital designer and coder who has worked with some of the biggest players in the industry, including Nike, Shopify, Four Seasons and the CBC. I started my career by teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator on my parents' computer, and working in a photo lab, a sign shop and for a punk record label.

After going to school for what was essentially an Adobe and Macromedia (look it up kids) program, I worked as a web designer for one of Toronto's largest nightclub operators, standing side stage for many bands and artists. My work with Universal Music allowed me to spend a week working with Gene Simmons. Which ya, cool, but pretty much the same of hanging out with your uncle who loves Van Halen and nachos.

After years in the music industry I left to teach coding at a boot camp where I was able to teach over 1000 people how to build a website. Currently I work freelance from my home in Hamilton, Ontario with my wife Jen, our son Ziggy Wild and senior poodle Prudence. In my free time, I love bouldering, learning guitar solos and cooking vegetarian meals. Recently, I've come to realize that creativity and technology can work together, and am working hard to rekindle my love for making art.