Really Good Work is a collection of ramblings and ideas from Drew Minns, an educator, designer and developer from Toronto, Canada.

Drew Minns

Currently Lead Instructor and Developer at HackerYou, I lead students through a nine-week fulltime bootcamp that takes beginners and turns them into junior Front-end Developers.

As well, I lead a 12-week part-time class in HTML/CSS that allows professionals and the curious ones to bolster their skills with code.

Prior to HackerYou, I was an instructor at Humber College and tried my hand in the agency and startup world as a Senior Developer.

My goal is to spread my passion for creativity in technology and provide the tools and knowledge for those to learn and succeed.

You can view my work on drewminns.com and use tools I’ve created for learning: Anatomy Of Code and I Broke Git.

You can track me down on the interwebz at