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    Figma Plugin API, TypeScript, Material UI, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, StackBlitz

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    COPILOT Travel

Propeller is plugin for Figma is that changes the way web developers and designers collaborate. The plugin, which was built from the ground up, allows developers to translate Figma files into React and Tailwind components.

The plugin, which was developed in one month, is able to extract the styles of layers and convert them into Tailwind classes. It also helps designers manage handoff to developers by generating a React component file that includes all props and Typescript typings.

The plugin is designed to make it easy for developers and designers to collaborate and create consistent design elements across multiple projects. It also eliminates a lot of the manual labor that comes with the web development process, saving time and money.

Developing the plugin, however, was not easy. The app itself features significant recursion and relies of heavy knowledge and experience in front end architecture. The plugin is an example of how technological innovations can be used to improve the development process.