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We help build a chart-topping app for one of the most popular jewellery brands.

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Our Approach

User Experience: A Key Focus for Mejuri's React Native App

The Challenge

Building a React Native app is no easy feat, but when the Mejuri team approached us with their idea, we were excited to take on the challenge. Our primary focus during development was digital sustainability, and we achieved it by optimizing images, reducing data fetching, and purposeful styling. By streamlining these key areas, we were able to reduce the app's footprint and ensure a snappy user experience.

How we did it

Digital sustainability is a top priority for, and we were thrilled when Mejuri shared this viewpoint. Our approach to digital sustainability involved optimizing images, reducing data fetching, and incorporating a design system that prioritized efficiency.

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the solution

How we delivered the best experience for users and the business.

Optimizing Images for Performance and Beauty

We made sure that all images used in the app were served in modern formats, including native HEIC images for iOS. To achieve optimal performance, we optimized and embedded images in the app, or delivered them via an efficient image service. This approach allowed us to balance beauty and performance, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and seamless user experience.

Reducing Data Fetching to Reduce App Load

To tackle the issue of over-fetching - where requests for data are made to servers regardless of whether the data has already been received - we developed a system that allowed us to use cached data and make network requests only when required. This indexing approach reduced the app's load on the server and minimized wait times while also preserving users' data and battery.

Purposeful Styling for Maximum Efficiency

One of the best ways to ensure consistent styling and maximum efficiency is by using a design system. For Mejuri's React Native app, we leveraged Tailwind CSS classes in both our Figma and code. By incorporating a common design language, we were able to simplify the styling process and focus on deeper logic to help the app move quickly.

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Digital Sustainability in Action

delivering a Stunning React Native Experience

The Results

Digital sustainability and stunning design are not mutually exclusive, as proven by our work on Mejuri's React Native app. While building an app with React Native is still relatively new territory, we trusted our experience and expertise to create a top-quality product.

Overall, the app stands out as one of our proudest projects, a testament to the power of sustainable digital solutions that prioritize both performance and design. At, we believe in fostering genuine partnerships with our clients, valuing transparency, and collaboration. Let's work together in challenging the status quo and embracing digital sustainability to create amazing experiences that exceed expectations.


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